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  1. How can I reserve a campsite?

    You can make all reservations online or at the Maritime Station in Vigo (where you catch the ferry to the islands).

    Once you?ve booked your campsite it is a good idea to book your ferry tickets. You can book them directly online on Ferry websites:

    Leaving from VIGO: you must show your campsite reservation (printed in PDF format) at the Campsite Office located in Maritime Station (our office is right next to ferry ticket offices). Leaving from Baiona or Cangas: you will show your reservation (printed in PDF format) to Ferry staff when boarding and finalize registration process with camping reception staff ON the island.

  2. How to change or cancel reservations?

    To cancel a reservation entitled to reimbursement of the amount of the deposit, you must notify it, at least seven days before the date of entry.
    Only date changes are allowed for own store reservations (subject to availability), always seven days before the date of entry.
    Cancellations and date changes must be notified by sending an email to info@campingislascies.com or alquiler@campingislascies.com

  3. Where is the Cies Islands campsite?

    The island is 5km long and 500 meters wide. It is not inhabited. The only constructions you will see are for Park staff or the island hospitality sector (restaurants, campsite services).

    The campsite is located on Faro Island, about 800m away from the Rodas ferry dock. To get to the camping you will walk past the Park Information Office.

    The campsite has some little wagon-carts to help facilitate transporting heavy luggage from the docks to the campsite (and back). You will have to try to find one that is empty and free to use. Please remember to NOT keep the carts at your campsite so that as many people as possible can use them too!

    Once you have deposited your belongings please leave the carts at reception or at the docks so that other campers can now use them.

  4. Where are the rental tents? Where do I pitch my tent?

    If you have your own tent you can choose where you want to camp. Rental tents are assigned by order of reservation and will be assigned at campsite Reception during registration.

  5. I?m coming with kids. Anything I need to know?

    Camping with kids is an incredible experience. Be sure to bring warm clothes for nights and sunscreen lotion for the daytime. Bug spray is always a good idea too.

  6. Are there sockets near my tent?

    You will not find sockets where tents are pitched. There is a solar powered charging spot at reception where you can charge everything (except radios, fridges or kitchenettes). You will be given a receipt that you will use to reclaim your possessions once they have done charging.

    We appreciate it if you avoid leaving cell phones more than 3 hours so that there is room for everyone. This service is free of charge.

    It is a good idea to bring a flashlight.

  7. Can we use barbecues or camping gas?

    You are allowed to use camping gas but there is no designated place for it. Please be careful.

    The supermarket rents camping gas cartridges and butane canisters but doesn?t rent any of the accessories you may need.

    This equipment is usually used in front of your tent and ALWAYS outside the tent.

    Barbecues and fires of any kind (candles, firecrackers, flares, sparklers...) are PROHIBITED

  8. Are there hot showers?

    Yes, there are hot showers but due to the scarcity of water they function with coins. We encourage quick showers to avoid water waste and queues.

    To avoid queues it is a good idea to avoid peak shower hours (7pm-9pm).

  9. Where can I deposit my waste?

    There are 3 clean spots (punto limpios) where campers can dispose of waste.

    It is important that you do not leave any waste visible or near tents as the seagulls WILL find them, destroy them and leave garbage strewn all over the campsite.

  10. What?s the weather like? What should I wear?

    Sumer season weather is rather pleasant with an average temperature of 20-27 degrees. Nights can get quite cool though so we suggest you bring warm clothes as well. Sleeping: A sleeping bag is sufficient.

    Bring comfortable footwear for walking (the island has 2 hike routes) and good sunscreen. Bug spray can be useful.

  11. Are pets allowed?

    No. National Park regulations do not allow pets on the islands.