50th Aniversary!

In the summer of 1970, 50 years ago, Emilio Fernández inaugurates the ??Camping Cíes Islands??. Due to its situation on an island, its beginnings were quite difficult, because lack of water and electricity on the island, made it very difficult to offer a quality service ... With the help of an involved team, which respects, cares for and feels a special affection for the environment, it was improving its facilities and services until it became what we know today. The campsite generates its own energy, sanitation, water supply and freight transport. Due to its interaction with the environment, it is the first green campsite in Galicia and is adhered to the European sustainable tourism charter. From this respect to the environment where it is located, and the difficulties it generates, it will try to improve the service it offers every day. Hoping to continue making people enjoy the experience of camping, we hope to continue another 50 years, without changing or spoiling the environment where we are ... ´´If you serve Nature, she will serve you.´´ Confucio (551 a. C-479 a. C.)

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