Our restaurant is situated on the campsite, open to general public.


Since 1962...

Our restaurant is situated on the campsite, open to general public; it is managed for Fernandez Monzonís family since 1962...

...with a big saloon and a terrace with a beautiful see to lagoon and Rodas Beach.

Home cooking elaborated on the day, with a big variety of food, tapas and home desserts...

Especial wines card with popular Galician ones:albariños, ribeiros, mencías,...

You can chose betwen Self-service for a simple, light lunch to pleasant tapas or "a la carte" service with more elaborate restaurant-type dishes

Our restaurant offers a menu with starters like varied salads, authentic Galician pie, seafood cocktail, stuffed peppers with seafood, grilled prawns, homemade croquettes,...

Main course like seafood rice dish, fideuá, black risotto with cuttlefish, grilled fish, octopus, fried squids, paste, grilled chicken, grilled ham, homemade meatballs, veal fillet, veal stew, veal chop, beef tenderloin, ...

It is very typical octopus "a feira" or "in caldeirada" prepared with paprika "de la Vera" and boiled potatoes, as well as our Ria fish of great quality and freshness as sea bass, sea bream, fish of San Pedro, prepared on the grill.

On the cliffs of the islands, fishermen take risk of her life to extract the most valued treasure of the sea: barnacles are plucked from the rocks with her own hands to bring to the table.

Playa de Rodas beach is the place where "razor shells" grows under the sand. It is recollected by scuba divers.

Those two species are extracted follow a sustainable regeneration fishing plan.

We completed our offer with special menus for children like nuggets, pizza, eggs, etc..

Vegans, vegetarians or people with special food needs (allergies) will find a solution for her appetite.

We have a good variety of homemade desserts like crêpes, flan, custard, cheese cake, special ice creams...

Breakfast in self service offers toasts with marmalade and butter, natural juice, fresh fruit, cold meat, Spanish tortilla, pastries...

Opening Hours:

Breakfast: from 09:00 to 11:30 h.
Lunch: from 13:30 to 16:00 h.
Dinner: from 21:00 to 23:00 h.

More info: grupos@campingislascies.com

Telephone: 986 687 504
Whatsapp: (+34) 690 830 016