Services and Facilities


We propose several activities for you to enjoy and learn more about the Cíes Islands during your stay at our Campsite.


- Qualified instructors
- 1 and 2 places kayaks
- Life vest
- Paddles
- Support vessel

June: 25€
July, August, September: 35€
June: 25€ 20€
July, August, September: 35€ 30€
Duration: 2 hours


Live a unique experience and enjoy the views of the islands from the sea.

Ycies encourages you to participate in our guided tour and discover the island’s orography, fauna and flora.
We have a first level team, both in watercraft and in security measures.
Our trips depart daily at 12 and at 4 PM. If you are visiting the island just during the day, we recommend you to take one of the first boats in the morning (9:00h,9:30h or 10:15h).

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Want to enjoy an experience you will remember a lifetime in a place of dreams?

The Club de Snorkel Illas Atlánticas invites you to discover you seabed National Park.

Take the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters home to more than 100 marine species! We have all the equipment for your enjoy!

The activity is aimed at campers and daily visitors

Departures are at 12 noon and at 5 in the afternoon.
For daily visitors who want to do the activity, it is necessary to take the boat first thing in the morning, at 09:00 a.m., 09:30 a.m. or 10:15 a.m.

More information:

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Price per person: 30€


Astronomical observation routes

The national park has been selected as a "Starligth" destination, a name given to those places due to its low light pollution, location, degree of pollution ...

The campsite carries out an activity through a guided route with a monitor. We make night excursions to contemplate the sky at night ... Prices:

  • Activity price: 8€
  • Children up to 10 years old: Free
Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

Starlight guide, with knowledge of astronomy, gives us a brief description of the main constellations, planets, etc.

Here you have a sample that "Glendor" has shown us of what we can find in one night in the Cíes Islands...

You can request information at the campsite reception.

Child activities

The campsite offers campers free activities for children, led by a monitor.

We have a play area where , craft workshops, popular games, excursions to the interpretation center, etc ...will be an unforggetable experience for children.

You can request information at the campsite reception.


The most common and appealing activity that you can enjoy in the island is hiking. There are several different well-signed routes where you will discover the landscapes and interesting areas due to their unique wildlife and vegetation. It is recommended to pruchase an information brochure at the information cabin that you will find as soon as you arrive. The reception is the place to go to get information about the guided tours that staff from the park usally make.

It is extremelly important to follow the park regulations in order to avoid disturbing the wildlife and vegetation present in the area, and also, neither stepping outsides the established routes nor trespassing the restrcited areas in the sand dunes, the lake and in the nesting area.


The islands, due to their special location and morphology, are home to several velvety white sand beaches, famous for their turquoise colored waters. Rodas might be the most famous one, nevertheless there are more beaches as beautiful as Rodas which you can enjoy just the same. Here you have a brief description of each one of them:

  • Margaridas: A bit of a hike but ideal if you want the beach to yourself.
  • Cantareira: A small bay with a pebble beach, close to the Volunteer Camp.
  • Figueiras: A nudist beach with trees providing shade for the hottest days.
  • Mixueiro y Areina: Two small bays for those who want some tranquillity, to the right of the Jetty at As Rodas.
  • Rodas: According to the Guardian newspaper, this is the best beach in the world. The beach joins the islands of Monteagudo (north) and Faro (south). The fine white sand squeaks as you walk and the waters are a clear emerald colour. The dunes around the beach are a conservation zone and are at this moment in a state of recuperation.
  • Bolos: Also known as Conchas due to the large number of shells to be found there. It is at the end of Rodas beach.
  • Nª Señora: It is a small and well protected bay, ideal for those days when the wind blows from the north.